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«The mission that I entrust to you is My Tabernacles and sinners: I raised you to such high level. It's My Love.

You will save many, many, many sinners. Not on your own merits,

but because I'm looking for all means to save them.»

(Jesus Alexandrina; Letters to Father M. Pinho; 20/12/1934)



Jesus asks Alexandrina to comfort Him in His Tabernacles, where He is alone and abandoned by people. Alexandrina "jumps" from Tabernacle to Tabernacle to comfort Him and ask Him to save the sinners. The devotion of Blessed Alexandrina to the Tabernacles is so big that Jesus does as she requests, for the redemption of souls.


“Come to My school: the Tabernacles”

To visit, love, comfort and avenge Jesus in the Eucharist


Jesus to Alexandrina:


«He also told me like he told Magdalene; I have chosen the best part:

"Love My Heart, Love Me - crucified - is good, but love Me in My Tabernacles, where you can contemplate Me, not with the eyes of your body but with the eyes of your soul and spirit, where I am in Body, Soul and Divinity, as in Heaven, you chose what is the most sublime."[...]

Jesus keeps telling her:

"Look, My love, I want to consume you in the flames of My love. Come spend a little time in My Tabernacles, in My prisons, during the warning night They are yours and Mine. What led me to prison was love; and for so many... for what? They don't believe in My existence, they don't believe that I live there. They blaspheme against Me. Others believe but they don't love Me, or visit me. They live as if I wasn't there. Go there, they are yours and Mine; I chose you to be with Me, in these little shelters, so many and so poor! But inside ... Oh! What a wealth! It's the wealth of Heaven and Earth!"

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 08/11/1934)



Tabernacle of the church of Santa Clara Convent, Vila do Conde





«Listen, My daughter, and do as your Jesus request. Be with Me in My Tabernacles tonight, these hours when I'm more offended; don’t leave Me alone. Have mercy on Me.

Come with your pains and your prayers to sustain the arm of My justice coming upon sinners, which I will move down for some without punishing them but not for others. Many are living in sin and a few moments later in hell. Others, with the tool they use to offend me, they open the gates of hell. I died and I gave My Blood for them and I stayed in the Tabernacles for centuries for them and I will be there until the end. But they despise My graces. Sad truth.»

(01/13/1935; Letters to Father Mariano Pinho, 01/27/1935)




«My daughter, I’m with you. I love you so much! You are cold; that’s Me giving you My love; when I’m not speaking with you, is to instill more My confidence in you. Didn’t I tell you that I wouldn’t abandon you but only leave you? I love you so much!

Come to My school; learn from your Jesus how to love the silence, the humbleness, the obedience and the abandonment. Come to My Tabernacles. I'm lonely, so offended, so despised and with so few visitors. Come to prostrate yourself before Me, ask Me for forgiveness because of your discouragement and your suspicion.»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 10/15/1934)




«Oh My child, I live always in you. Listen to your Jesus: come and spend part of the night with Me in My Tabernacles. Contemplate them. Ask me for sinners, when many of them sleep and so many offend me. Be My victim! Take care with Me!

So I asked My disciples. Do not sleep; be faithful. I will make you rich with My treasures, My fruits and My talents. Take care with Me, be with Me and the Angels in My Tabernacles. Offer yourself as a victim.»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 02/05/1935)




«On day 1, first Saturday of the month, after Holy Communion, Our Lord said to me:

"Wait, child, and trust in My love; I had warned you; you don’t make mistakes and you didn’t make mistakes. I keep my promises. I will do great things on you. Live only for Me, all of you for Me. Love the loneliness. Come to My Tabernacles! That's where you learn. That’s where it’s more practiced, years and centuries. Love Me greatly. Ask Me whatever you want. You know that what I want you to ask Me the most is for sinners. I will do as you request and I will spare them the sentences of hell. "»

(12/01/1934; Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 12/09/1934)




«"My daughter, don’t you feel sorry for Me? I’m alone in the Tabernacles, so mocked and abandoned and so offended! Come to fix all this!"

My Good Jesus told me:

"Come, My dear daughter to the Tabernacles; I'm alone and I am so offended! Come to comfort Me and avenge Me! Repair such abandonment! Send word to your spiritual father to tell him that I want you to make Me visited, loved and avenged in the Holy Eucharist. To visit inmates and comfort them is a good work; I'm stuck and trapped by love. I am the Prisoner of the prisoners."»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 04/10/1934)




«"Alert in My Tabernacles I'm alone in so many, so many! Days and days without a visit and without their love and without their vengeance; they go there because it’s a routine, an obligation. Do you know what is always there? That flow of sins and horrendous crimes. Those acts of love they send Me, that’s how they comfort Me, that's how they avenge Me, that's how they love Me!»

(27/10/1934; Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 01/11/1934)



Alexandrina to Jesus:

«Speak, my Jesus, speak, Your daughter is listening. I look forward to have lessons in Your school."

And the Lord answered me:

"And I look forward to teach you all My lessons. I have so much to teach you and you have so much to learn, so after you many others come to learn the same lessons, to step on the same footsteps and follow you in your paths.»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 11/01/1934)

Marian year
september 14
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
October 13 2017
Liturgical Feast of Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar| 62nd anniversary of her death
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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