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Consecration of the World to Immaculate Heart of Mary

Father Luigi Fiora (Former Postulator General of the Salesian Congregation) writes:

«It’s known that before Pius XII there were many initiates in the Church, for nearly two centuries, to ask for the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: What did Pius XII did, had a long preparation and many intervenient. But who influenced closely, in order for us to determinately believe in him, was God’s servant Alexandrina Maria da Costa. »

(R. Theologic, II S., vol. 28, F. 1, 1993; p. 211)





Jesus first request to Alexandrina for the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was on July 30th 1935. In a letter written by Alexandrina to Father Mariano Pinho on August 1st 1935, she writes what Jesus asked:

«Send the word to your spiritual Father that in order to prove the love who dedicate to My blessed Mother, every year I want an act of Consecration of the entire world on one of the days of Her holidays chosen by you: either Asuncion, Purification or Annunciation,   asking the Virgin stainless of sin, to embarrass and confuse the impure, so they fall back on their way and not offend Me. In the same way I asked Saint Margaret Mary for the consecration of the world to My Divine Heart, I ask you for its consecration to Her trough a solemn Holiday.»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 01/08/1935)



On September 11th 1936, Father Mariano Pinho wrote to pope Pius XI, by his Cardinal Pacelli (Later, elected Pope Pius XII).

On September 10th 1936, Jesus foretells Alexandrina how the Consecration would go:

«I’ll tell you how the Consecration of the world to the Mother of Men and My Blessed Mother will happen. I love Her so much! It’ll happen in Rome by the Holy Father consecrated to Her the whole world and then by the priests in all the churches of the world, under the title of Queen of Heaven and Earth, Lady of Victory. If the corrupted world converts and ruffles its path, she will reign and by Her victory she will be won. »

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 10/09/1936)






In 1937, the Holy See requested the Archbishop of Braga information on the case of Balasar, trough da Nunciature of Lisbon. This instructs the Jesuits Provincial, the Father Paulo Durão, S.J., to choose a person who could closely examine Alexandrina. The Provincial chose his brother, Father António Durão, S.J.



On May 31st 1937, Alexandrina receives at her home Father António José Manuel:

«On May 31st 1937, I was visited by Reverend Father Durão. He was sent from the Holy See, to examine the Consecration of the world to Our Lady. My desire was to live secretly, without anyone knowing what happened. […]

I was surprised when he asked questions about our Lord but, without the slightest hesitation, I began to answer them. His Reverence said he only wanted me to tell him the main things, because he didn’t want to weary me out considering my state. I told him that I didn’t know what the main things were. His Reverence responded:

“I like that, indeed I do.”

And that’s when he spoke of the Consecration of the world to Our Lady. […]»

(Autobiography; page 46)



On July 11th, 1937, Father Paulo Durão, S.J., Provincial of Jesuits, writes a letter to the Nuncio saying:

«On the basis of the information collected, we can’t doubt the sincerity and virtue of the youngster. But does not show any sign that can prove, exteriorly, a divine origin for those locutions …»

(Letter from Father Paulo Durão to Nuncio quoted in Pasquale, Father Humberto; “Messenger of Jesus for the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”; page 11/12)

The sign will come later. (See Passion, below)





On November 20th, 1937, Jesus entrusts her:

«Because I want soon after your death, your life to be known, and it shall, I will make it so. It’ll reach worlds end, as well as the Pope’s voice, consecrating the world to My sweet Mother. I want them to know everything so they can see how I communicate with the souls. […]

My child, I’m coming for you soon, but not before the Consecration of the world to My Blessed Mother is done. She is glorified trough you, and so greater your glorification will be. »

(20/11/1937 – Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 22/11/1937)

In 1938, on April 25th, Jesus asked Alexandrina to tell her spiritual director:

«”Tell him to write to the Holy Father, I want the Consecration of the world to My Immaculate Mother. But I want the whole world to know the reason why. I want there to be penance and prayer. You’re placating Divine Justice. That is way I make you suffer this way; and many more times you’ll have to suffer, until He consecrates you.” […]

“Oh my Jesus, if the world were consecrated to Our Mother of Heaven, would you still punish them?”

“Only through her they can be saved. And only through penance and conversion! She is My Queen, the Queen of Heaven and Earth.”»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 24 a 25/04/1938)



In June 1938, Father Mariano Pinho preached Spiritual Exercises to the Portuguese Episcopal, in Fátima. This way, he enforced the Bishops to make the same request to the Pope Pius XI.

«The Portuguese Bishops didn’t content with the consecration of their country to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In June 1938, upon completion on the Spiritual Exercises under the guidance of Father Mariano Pinho, S.S., Alexandrina’s spiritual director, they addressed the Holy Father (Pius XI) in the following terms:

“Most Holy Father: the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, all the archbishops and all the bishops from Portugal, gathered in Fátima’s Shrine at the Blessed Virgin Mary’s feet, to renew the consecration to Her Immaculate Heart, […] humbly prostrate at your Holiness’s feet, earnestly praying that as soon as your Holiness considers it appropriate, devote the whole Orbe to the same pure Heart, to finally see free for once from so many dangers that threaten form everywhere and to reign Christ’s peace in His Kingdom, by the mediation of the Mother of God.”»

(“Fátima Documents”, Fr. António Maria Martins, S.J., cit in Pasquale, Fr. Humberto; “Messenger of Jesus for the Consecration of the world to the I. H. of Mary”; p. 8/9)





Meanwhile, from October 3rd, 1938, Alexandrina began to live the Passion of Jesus, every Friday.

On October 24th, 1938, Fr. Mariano Pinho reported directly to Pope Pius XI on the event. He insisted on Jesus request about the Consecration of the world to the Heart of Mary.





In response to Father Mariano Pinho’s communications, the Holy Office has ordered a new investigation on Alexandrina. The person in charged was Canon Manuel Pereira Vilar, Dean of Braga’s Seminar. However, he was already designated to occupy the position of Dean of the Pontifical Portuguese College in Rome.

Canon Vilar first visited her in 1939:

«On January 5th, 1939, I received a visit from our Priest, accompanied by his Exc. and Rev. Conan Vilar, who after being introduced, stayed alone with me. For two hours we talked about various things of Our Lord, so that we could truly get on the subject that brought him here. His reverence told me:

“Alexandrina must wonder about my visit because she doesn’t know me.”

She replies, smiling at me:

“I know for sure why your Reverence is here.”

To what he says:

“Say it, tell me Alexandrina.”

So I said:

“You’re here on behest of the Holy See”, that was what I felt in my soul in that moment. His Reverence confirmed, saying:

“That’s right.”

And he presented the documents that came from Rome. Ask me several questions which I answered. I didn’t spoke of the Crucifixion, although he did by saying: “It seems that there’s something else that’s been going on for months …”, referring to the Passion, showing desire to witness it, as he did on the next first Friday. […]

Because I felt good talking to him, and I had the blessing of my spiritual Director, we talked a lot, much more, of Jesus, because I felt like plunged into a chasm of Holiness and wisdom, which rarely happens, even with priests. I told him I didn’t talk like that with other priests, not because of my personality, but because I trusted him. His reverence replied:

“You do well, Alexandrina, in not telling them, because if you did, they wouldn’t understand you.” I cried, when his reverence said goodbye as he left to Rome. He promised to write me back, telling me that I would be his intercessor on Earth. I received some letters from him, in which he showed to have full confidence in me. I told him that we’d help each other with prayers to Our Lord.”»

(Autobiography; page 56/57)



Conan Vilar attended the Passion, on January 13th 1939. This extraordinary phenomenon comes as the “signal” expected (see above: first review of the Holy See). Jesus confirms that His Passion lived through Alexandrina is evidence.



Alexandrina reproduces in question what she heard from Jesus:

« (Jesus) Should I fight Your cause? And will I win? Was the Passion very rigorous? Is it for the Consecration? Does it have to be this way? Do they want miracles? Won’t You give Others? Is the evidence clear? Do You ask for it for so long? What should U do? Suffer all this until the Holy Father resolves to do what Jesus asks? Jesus, would He consider it better, if you told others not to be sinners like me? Can You perform Your work in the most profound misery? Is this the way You did it?

(Alexandrina) Okay, Jesus. »

(Ecstasies; 13/01/1939)



In the following month, after Canon Vilar’s visit to Alexandrina, the Archbishop of Braga responded to the Pope extolling the virtues of Alexandrina and the sincerity of her statements.

On March 2nd, 1939, after Pius XI death, Cardinal Pacelli was elected Pope: his Holiness Pope Pius XII.

On March 5th, 1939 in Braga, Canon Vilar, in a letter to Alexandrina, writes:

«Ever since I was there, great events had already happen on the world. The Holy Pope, Pius XI died, but his Successor is certainly not less pleasing to the Divine Great; He will perform his work. I still find myself in Portugal, and don’t know when I’m leaving; but it’ll be for sure throughout this month. »

(Mons. Vilar Cit. in Pasquale, h.; “Alexandrina”; page  99 1st Edition)



In the ecstasy of March 20th, 1939, Jesus reveals Alexandrina that it’ll be Pope Pius XII who will make the Consecration (Father Mariano Pinho was present):

«(Jesus) When You ask Me for the Consecration of the world didn’t you know that it wasn’t His Holiness Pope Pius XI who would consecrate it? So now you tell Pius XII that you want the Consecration and quickly? So is the promise you made done? Is it going directly to Heaven? Will it be the Pope who as many things on His agenda to do? Is it Your Holiness will for him to succumb quickly to everything you say about it? To tell him how beautiful it is at the beginning of his reign absolute in the World; mark in History the Consecration of the Universe to your Mothers Immaculate Heart? »

(Ecstasies; 20/03/1939)



In April 1939, Conan Vilar, upon he’s arrival in Rome, writes:

«I’m reminded of you every time I enter the chapel, visiting Jesus or whenever I pick up my rosary, in which I put a souvenir, you offered me the last time; among so many, it’s perhaps the most cherished. And every day at Mass I do a special “moment” for you, asking our Lord every grace you need to accomplish your mission. I’ve not yet been received by the Holy Father; but when that happens, I’ll expose to him every desire of Our Lord. I got to have a certain fear to tread so directly, but now I’m determined to do it: He will meet me. »

 (Mons. Vilar cit. in Pasquale, H.; “Alexandrina”; page 99; 1st Edition)



The same writes in a letter to Alexandrina on June 2nd, 1939:

«I was hoping to give you some good news about the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate heart of Mary, so insistently requested by Jesus, but unfortunately still nothing positive to say. Things in Rome aren’t dealt with rush. »

On February 4th, 1940, he communicates:

«…Copied to a machine what you sent to me (Alexandrina’s report), and delivered it To Whom It May Concern properly…»

(Pasquale, H..; “Alexandrina; page 99/100, issue 1)



In 1939, begins the Second World War, which will continue until 1942.

Alexandrina writes on June 16th, 1939:

«In the end, when our Lord spoke to me, He told me these words in particular:

“Tell your Father to say to the Pope trough Canon Vilar: I allowed him to come here to be a solid anchor, to raise my work. To tell the Holy Father, but with all the vividness, that today, the day of My Divine Heart, which is the last time I ask for My consecration to the blessed Mother. I’ve asked so many times! To not refuse any longer My request.

Hurry, hurry. It’s my blessed Mother, with all My victims that save the world.”»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 16/06/39)



On December 2nd, 1939, Jesus says:

«The heart of My blessed Mother is hurting so smitten with the blasphemies they utter against it! Anything that hurts Hers Sacred Heart hurts Mine, and everything that hurts Mine will hurt Hers. There are so united, Our Divine Hearts! That is why the Consecration of the world will bring much honor and glory. When consecrated, many blasphemous, unclean who blasphemed will be crushed and humiliated. Courage, my child, soon everything will be held and you’ll see in Heaven the glory that was given to Her. »

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 02/12/1939)



On July 5th, 1940, Conan Vilar still writes (from Rome):

«One person (D. José da Costa Nunes, Bishop of Macau at that time) spoke to the Holy Father about the Consecration of the world to Our Lady. »

(Pasquale, H.; “Messenger of Jesus for the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”; PG.56)




Here are some of the several requests form Jesus to Alexandrina, asking for the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

On January 4th, 1941:

«I promise you this Saturday, devoted to her (Our Lady), not to prolong, for long time, on Earth your existence. And I promise to reach out to you in Heaven, with your requests and love what you now reach on Earth by your sorrow. But to do this, My child, ask the Holy Father to have mercy of your martyrdom and to satisfy the Divine wishes of Jesus, which is to consecrate the world to My Blessed Mother. »

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 04/01/1941)



On January 17th, 1941:

«Your Ordeal ends soon, but the prophecies of Jesus will be fulfilled before. Cheer up! You have in your aid your Father, your Jesus, and your Blessed Mother. »

(Letter to Father Mariano Pinho; 17/01/1941)



On May 3rd, 1941:

«Tell your Dear Father that Jesus and may asks you to write to the Pope so that He consecrates the world to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary. All humanity is in agony under the weight of the justice of the Eternal Father. Only She can save them. »

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 03/05/1941)



Father Mariano Pinho sends another letter to Rome.

«Father Mariano Pinho, through Mother Vigária of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, interested several Portuguese and foreign religious Congregations to request the Pope for the Consecration of the world, on the occasion of his episcopal jubilee.

She also interested the Premises of Spain, Colombia and England to support this request with His Holiness. In addition, as National Director of Marian Congregations, Father Pinho directed to the same end a supplication to the Holy See. »

(Pasquale, H.; “Messenger of Jesus for the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”, page 21)



«Pius XII wasn’t insensitive to Father Mariano Pinho letter and again asked the Archbishop of Braga for explanations, no longer through the Holy Office, but through the State Secretary, Cardinal Luís Maglione.

On March 27th, 1942, almost three years later, Alexandrina ceased suddenly to suffer the “Passion”, that is, the signal that authenticated the reality of Jesus locution. »

(R. Theology, II s., volume 28, F.1, 1933; page 217)



Let us remember what Jesus said:

«(Jesus) Suffer all this (Passion) until the Holy Father decides to do what Jesus asks? »

(Ecstasies; 13/01/1939)



At this point, the Bishops of Portugal renew the request to the Pope, praying that the Consecration is done on the Jubilee of the Apparitions of Fátima.

On the eve of the Consecration, Jesus says to Alexandrina:

«Quickly, hurry the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. […] Quickly, hurry, consecrate the world to its Queen. Then peace will come, the sun will shine in all humanity. Jesus doesn’t lack what He promises.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 03/10/1942)





On October 31st, 1942 in Rome, Pope Pius XII consecrated the Church and all humanity to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

His Holiness directs a Radio message in Portuguese. Here is a small excerpt:

«To you, to your Immaculate Heart, we as common Father of the great Christian family, as Vicar of the One who was given all power in Heaven and on Earth, received the request of many souls redeemed with His Blood who populate the world, - to You, to Your Immaculate Heart, at this tragic time of human history we trust, we deliver, consecrate not only the Holy Church, the mystical body of Jesus, that pities and bleeds into so many pieces and by so many ways troubled, but also the entire world, torn by discord, scorched in fires of hatred, a victim of its own iniquities. » (AAS, 34)1

Radio Message of Pope Pius XII to the Portuguese faithful on the occasion of the consecration of the Church and of Mankind to the Immaculate Heart of Mary:



On May 6th, 1955, the last year of Alexandrina’s life, she has a vision of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

«It was the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She showed me Her torn Heart and, attached to Her own, the torn Heart of Jesus. »

(Feelings of the Soul; 06/05/1955)



The same Supreme Pontiff Pius XII, in May 1948, strongly recommended that the «Consecration should be renewed not only in each Bishopric and Parish, but in each Family. »

(Fr. Humberto Pasquale; “Alexandrina”; PG. 101; 1st Edition)


1 Apostolicae Sedis Minutes, the official publication of the Holy See

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