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Victim for the Consecration and Peace in the World

After Jesus asks for the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (1935), Alexandrina offers herself as a victim for the same cause. Remember that from 1939 to 1945, occurred the Second World War where were committed horrible crimes against humanity.


Alexandrina, in addition to the sacrifices for the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, also offered herself for world peace so that Portugal wouldn’t enter the World War.



In 1935, Jesus asks for the Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

«Tell them to say to your spiritual Father who, in proof of the love that you dedicate to My Most Holy Mother, I want an Act of Consecration of the whole world done every year on one of her holydays chosen by you: Assumption, purification, or the Annunciation, asking this Virgin without stain of sin to embarrass and confuse the unclean, so they back away and don’t offend Me. I ask you in the same way I asked Saint Margaret Mary for the world to be consecrated to My Divine Heart, so that it will be consecrated to Her with a solemn holyday.»

(30/07/1935; Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 01/08/1935)



Jesus claims that Alexandrina is the victim who redeems the sinners:

«My angel, attentive to what you will say, that they don’t miss a word. Your Father is a good witness of the anguish that I put you through. Tell him to write to the Holy Father, I want that the consecration of the world to My Immaculate Mother. But I want the whole world to know the reason why He is holy. I want you to do penance and prayer. You are who appeases the Divine Justice. That’s why I make you suffer like this; and more often have to suffer it, until he devotes it.»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 25/04/1938)



In Ecstasies, Alexandrina plays in interrogations, hears from Jesus:

« (Jesus) Wash the hearts, cleanse the souls? Appeal to Mary who can reach everything near the Divine throne. Sacrifice their souls; crucify the victims, so that the world is saved?

(Alexandrina) Jesus, don’t let me be sad. Tell me if You’ll end the war. Renew the customs. Let there be purity instead of impurity. Failure to do so should Christians eat each other as You already me. Crucify me, my Jesus. Crucify all the victims and save Him, save Him, save Him. »

(Ecstasies; 17/05/1940)



«(Jesus) How beautiful and numerous are the wonders of Jesus. (Smiled) Did You not have a Heart that would suffer the horrible pains in my body? Are You a severe Judge, but only for those who deserve it, or to the victims who are in charge of them? Is Your Heroin the victim? Is Your Heroin a lightning rod in the center of the world? Will the ones who come to wound the sinners and Your dear insane child fall? Are the rays of Justice and fire, to precipitate them in hell? But does the lightning rod chosen by Jesus trims them, collects them for You? Is it a heart of love, a generous heart full of kindness? Is it a pure victim, the innocent lamb that shed all its blood for the guilty? Am I the light that brightens the world? Is it the Jesus light who illuminates the hearts?

Is the world unaware of its God and unaware of their victims? Does it sin and not attend at the pain provoked? Does Jesus suffer through Humanity; the victim soul immolates, sacrifices itself? Does the sinner spike without mercy in Jesus Heart with the spear? (Does the gesture of the crimp too hard in the chest) Will the Victim soul, with all the love, rip it form the Divine Heart? Will it go with the balm of suffering heal and soften Jesus pain? Is the victim soul the light and Sun of the Earth? Is the victim soul the Sun that purifies the Earth? What a sublime mission as the victim soul?! Glorifies God, rejoices the Heaven, and gives peace on Earth? Rejoices and consoles your Divine Hear?

(Alexandrina) Oh my Jesus, I seek something else on Earth. I want Thy consolation, I want Your love. I want to save Thee souls.

(Jesus) How many of them are saved through Me!!!?

(Alexandrina) Jesus I’m very ashamed. Don’t say more.»

(Ecstasies; 16/08/1940)



Jesus to Alexandrina:

«I promise you on this Saturday devoted to Her not to linger on Earth for a long time your existence. And I promise I’ll reach you in Heaven with your requests and love, what now I do on Earth through pain. But for this, My child ask, ask the Holy Father that pity of your martyrdom, which satisfies the Jesus Divine desires, which is devoting the world to My Blessed Mother.»

(Letter to Father Mariano Pinho; 04/01/1941)



Jesus to Alexandrina:

«Jesus came to pass by my heart; I felt no relief. I had to climb the rough and dry mountain of Calvary to die of pain, without any support. What a tremendous grief! The time has come. Jesus came.

“Your ordeal will end soon, but not before Jesus prophecies be fulfilled. Cheer up! You have to aid your Father, your Jesus, and your Blessed Mother.”»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 17/01/1941)



Jesus to Alexandrina:

«”My child, my child, light which radiates Me and the world. Unite your pain with Mine, your love with My love; only then will the path to the Calvary be smoothed, only then the sinners will be saved, only then comes peace to the world; and coming soon shortly. Them the whole world will rejoice by being consecrated to the Heart of your and My Blessed Mother. Courage, courage, courage, My child. She accompanies you in the thorny path of the Calvary along with your Father and your Jesus.” […]

Jesus wept in the greatest of darkness. If it were possible He wanted to hide under worlds and worlds of the sight of His Eternal Father. I felt this would happen to the souls in sin and to all who condemn themselves.»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 20/06/1941)



Jesus speaks to Alexandrina of the reward for her devotion:

«”My child, I come for you soon, but not before the consecration of the world to My Blessed Mother. She is through you, glorified and greater yours will be. Your Crown will be more glorious, brighter, and more radiant. Thou shalt be crowned by Her.”

“Oh my Jesus, the Holy Father seems to not answer: it takes some much!”

“Sit Still, rest, My child: He will, the day of glorification will come.”»

(20/11/1937; Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 22/11/1937)

Marian year
september 14
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
October 13 2017
Liturgical Feast of Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar| 62nd anniversary of her death
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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