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Reparation of Jesus Sacred Heart

Alexandrina offered herself as a victim for reparation of the sins committed against Jesus. The entire reparation was aimed to repair the Sacred Heart of Jesus, always offended by sinful humanity.


«”My child, like St Margaret Mary, I want you to spur the love in this world so erased in the hearts of men. Ignite, Ignite it. I want to give My love to men. I want to be loved by them. They don’t love and accept Me. Through you I want this love to be ignited in all humanity, as the world was consecrated to My Blessed Mother. Dear wife spread the love in Our Hearts all over the world.”

“How, Jesus? How to work that way?! If it’s not accepted by You, how will men receive it through me?

With your pain, your pain, My child! Only with it the souls are gripped to the soul’s fiber and only then the hearts will torch with My love.”

Let these Divine rays of My wounds penetrate your hidden ones, in your mystical wounds.”»

(Feelings of the Soul; 01/10/1954)






Alexandrina offers herself as victim:

Oh my Jesus, I love Thee, I suffer to love and comfort Thy Divine heart; I suffer to repair all the worlds crimes, and save Thee all souls. I live for anything that You desire, except offend and displease Thee. Oh! As I thought I was happy if I had not had another life on earth but suffer and to love!”

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 10/06/1939)



In Ecstasies, Alexandrina replays in questions what she hears from Jesus:

«(Alexandrina) Don’t spare my pain, but make me spare the one of Your Divine Heart. I can’t see the blood flowing form that loving Heart. Take all my body, Jesus; hake all my blood; I want to bleed day and night. I want to suffer, without ceasing for a moment; I want your love to reign. I want to delete with my blood all the crimes that offend Thee.

(Jesus) Enough, enough, lunatic, lunatic! Is the heart of Jesus fulfilled? Is Jesus pain in the warrior of souls, the savior of mankind?

(Alexandrina) Yes, my Jesus, I want to suffer, to love Thee, to suffer, to give You souls. I want to suffer, to see Your Divine Love burned in every heart on earth. I am Yours, Jesus!»

(Ecstasies; 29(08/1941)




«I want to be dead for the world, but I want to live for You, my Jesus, to comfort and love You, to ease Your Divine Heart and Dear Mother’s. Let, my Jesus, dear Mother, rip from Your Divine Hearts with all the sweetness and love the thorns that hurt You. I want my heart always surrounded with them, in agonizing pain and bloodshed to the last drop: I suffer all, Jesus and Mary. I want to be a victim of love!»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 19/10/1939)




«Trust in me, my Jesus: I’m ready to suffer and to love Thee. It’s with my pain and love that You’ll be loved. Forget the slights, the insults and oblivion of all. Look at me: Remember that not a single moment I want to stop being victimized so Thy kingdom comes and all souls go to Thy Divine Heart to Your Heart love, to Your Fatherly Heart.»

(Letter to Father Mariano Pinho; 10/04/1940)




«Jesus, crucify me, Jesus, victimize me, Jesus, comfort Thy Divine Heart, Your Fatherly Heart. Pass me Your bitterness and forget my offense and all Thy children. Forgiveness, Jesus. I’m Yours and I love You.»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 15/05/1940)



Jesus asks for the reparation:

«Take all toe comfort, my child. Your pain will be most sorrowful. Your suffering will be horrendous. Do you accept so that My Divine Heart be comforted and eased, and so may the souls be saved?»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 03/06/1940)



In Ecstasies, Alexandrina reproduces in questions what she hears form Jesus:

« (Jesus) Does Jesus weeps bitterly and shows His wounded Heart? Who can heal this wound so deep? Is it Love and reparation, only love and reparation?

(Alexandrina) Jesus, how much I feel Your pain; how hard for me to see Your Divine Heart open. Take my love, my pain. I want to heal this wound, to comfort You and cheer You.»

(Ecstasies; 22/08/1941)



Jesus to Alexandrina:

«”Since you’re the wife whom I love the most, the biggest victim on Earth I won’t give you a refusal, I shan’t deny anything.

My child, My child, I’m going to ask you this night for great sufferings and repair for so many sins, crimes that will be committed in balls, movies, casino and many, many more. Do you accept and give Me this reparation? And will you even give Me more reparation when I ask you for it in a couple of days this week for a priest who is at risk of being lost? I’ll tell you later who he is.”

“My Jesus, I can’t deny You anything; ask of me what Thou wilt, no matter what; promise me grace and Divine strength, with this I can fear.”»

(Feelings of the Soul; 03/08/1946)


Jesus to Alexandrina:

«Onward, my child, love triumphs, loves triumphs in pain. The Calvary and the Crossacross the world, were the key that opened the doors of paradise. Your crucifixion remains the salvation and peace of mankind. I know, My beloved, that you can’t see me suffer. Come courageously, let yourself crucify to heal the wound so painful My Divine Heart. Courage! You got your Jesus with your dear Mother, crazy of love for the bride of crucified Christ.»

(Letters to father Mariano Pinho; 08/11/1940)



Jesus invited her to the Passion (Friday):

«My child, My angel, dear angel of My Divine Heart. Now is the time for love. Now is the time for joy and consolation for Me. »

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 25/10/1940)



Jesus to Alexandrina:

«Hear, listen to who’s calling. It’s Jesus, the spouse of your souls. Hear, listen to who is talking, it’s Jesus, the beggar of love. Attend, attend, My child, it’s in your heart your Lord, your spouse, your everything. I entered and sat on My throne. It’s the one I told you about, the one I ask you. Give Me pain, give Me pain, dear child, and make loved. Give Me your pain to repair My Divine Heart. Make Me loved so I’ll forget the offenses. It’s so tiny, so tiny the number of souls who love Me truly. It’s so great, so great the number of those who offend Me with severity. Oh! How My Divine Heart bleeds! […]

Oh, my child, the world sins and is cruel. Woe, if the Divine justice ignites on it.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 04/05/1951)

Marian year
september 14
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
October 13 2017
Liturgical Feast of Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar| 62nd anniversary of her death
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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