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Love for Jesus

The whole life of Alexandrina was lived with the love of Jesus. As a child, she liked to contemplate him, and in his mystical life, this love broke all bounds.


In her prayers, she would pray to Heavenly Mother like this:

«Oh Mother, make me humble, obedient, pure, chaste, in soul and body. Make me pure, make me an angel. Transform me all in love, consume me all in flames of Jesus 'love.'»

(Autobiography, page 22.)




«There were days in which the Lord would said to me like this:

"My child, My dear, listen to your Jesus. I'm in the depths of your soul and I fell well. [...] "

On other occasions he told me:

"My daughter, what are you afraid of, in the arms, in the arms of your Jesus, what can you fear on lap of your Spouse?" [...]

Our Lord told me to do a deal with him: I would console Him and love Him in all the tabernacles and He would comfort to me in all my sorrows and needs.»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 11/01/1934)



Alexandrina, we learn that immense love for Jesus, the beginning and end of all things:


«The all went down to nothing. The greatness descended into poverty. Love came down to cold, lukewarm, misery, and indignity. What great love is Jesus. Come down from the highest to the lowest.

Jesus, give me fire, give me love, love that burns me, love me mate. I want to live and die for love.

Jesus, Thy Divine love is my life! Be he, and he alone, my death!

Jesus, I want to love You, love You so crazy, to love you until I die of love.

Jesus, I want to be the favourite, the folly of your love, lose myself in the vastness of your love.»

(Loose Thoughts, page 69)




«Who'll give me Jesus gives me life, gives me all the treasures of heaven and earth. I cannot wish for more than Him. What desires I have to have Him! Who desires to love Him! But alas, poor me! Everything disappears like smoke without I come to see a sign of something. Suffering so much, I end up not suffering at all. I'm dying to love Jesus and I end up not loving Him. As much as I try I cannot believe in myself. Oh my God, Oh my God, that sad night!»

(Letters to Father Umberto Pasquale; 21/09/19)


Alexandrina vents:

«How often I say:

"I am in the world! What life is this? If sometimes I have missed Heaven these last days it does not explained their strength and sometimes the way that they are always beside me.

Jesus, when will my big day arrive? When will I see you, Jesus, just the way you are? Oh Heaven, shall I see you? "

These desires, these cravings, it seems to me get out of myself asking Jesus for love. Do not ask You Heave but I promised You my big sacrifice!

“Jesus I got unattached of all that is earth. I do not want to, I just want your will and to be always by your side.

(Feelings of the Soul; 18/07/1945)




«Then I remembered," if not for you, Oh Jesus, and for souls, do not subject me to the judgments of men." I would rather enjoy the world. These thoughts infused in me the desire to want to love Jesus more and giving me all to Him and to the souls. Approached the days when I would not receive Jesus. My God, how am I supposed to manage without You?»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 08/09/1944)



«Only for love let me hurt,

Only for love my heart bleeds,

Just for you, Jesus, pain has sweetness,

Only in the cross with Thee, my soul is glad.»

(Loose Thoughts; 03/01/1949)


Jesus to Alexandrina:


«My daughter, like St. Margaret Mary, I want you to lire up the world with this love that is scratched in the hearts of men. Lire up, lire up. I want to, I want to give my love to men. I want to be loved by them. They do not accept Me and don’t love Me. Why you want this love to be burned in all of humanity, as well as for you was consecrated the world to the Blessed Mother Makes me, dear wife, it spreads worldwide love of Our Hearts. "

"Like Jesus? How to work this way? If it is not acceptable to you, how are men going to receive it from me? "

"With your pain with your pain, My daughter! Only with it the souls are clinging to fibres and then the soul will leave the hearts ignite in My love. Let these rays of Divine My wounds will penetrate the hidden thy wounds, sores in your mystical."»

(Feelings of the Soul; 10/01/1954)




«It is the firm ground prepared, I have every confidence in you. In the middle you are going to show the souls the intensity of your love, madness, the craziest of love for Me If you knew how much you love My Divine Heart and souls. "

(Feelings of the Soul; 20/04/1945)



"My daughter, my lovely daughter, your heroic generosity is unique as well as your love for Jesus, your love for souls. I'm not demanding that this continual martyrdom, are sinners, is the world. Have courage, have courage, grace of thy God will never fail you "

(Feelings of the Soul; 03/23/1951)



Jesus to Alexandrina:

«My daughter, my daughter, let souls know how much I love them. You are the spokeswoman of Jesus. I have said many times. Speak with your heart through your lips. It is for you that I speak to the world is for thee that I distribute My graces, My Treasures, My love. [...] Calls for souls, asks the world, love, love for Jesus. Asks souls, asks the world, purity of life, rapture, rapture, great union with Me.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 01/05/1953)



Jesus to Alexandrina:

«My daughter, the apple of my eyes, little Eucharistic flower, adornment of My Divine Heart, on, on for God and for souls. Ask love; ask for love My Divine Heart. Do not let yourself lose souls. Invite them to come to me Me. Your suffering speaks to their hearts, your smile, your silence, your silence speaks to them, speak to them forever.

Courage, courage! All this is a revolution in souls. Courage, courage! All this is evidence of My Divine love towards them. Pray for them, don’t let them lose themselves, let's not fall into hell.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 03/07/1953)



Jesus to Alexandrina:

«"My daughter, here is the Divine Gardener working in the field you have chosen from all eternity to be His beautiful garden. My daughter, my daughter that works, that Divine wonders here I Operate! I delight in the scent of all the flowers of virtues. Receive the comfort of My Divine Heart. Twins love to these lovely flowers. The virtues are weapons that ward off evil. It comforts you to suffer. With virtues, love and pain, heal up souls; leave the death of sin, are reborn into grace, into God."

At that moment it passed through me a sea of fire, do not say immense sea, but even more, endless sea that blew me and I do not know where. I was all fire; I was all Jesus’ love.  I plunged ,I lost myself. Could no longer endure. Jesus stopped for a moment, and repeated the same three times.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 03/03/1951)



In ecstasies, Alexandrina reproduces in questions what she hears from Jesus:

«(Jesus) Jesus suffered, because he loved and because he loved and loves he does not want to punish? Jesus has infinite love, Heart of the Father? Jesus loves and asks for love, not to be offended? Woe of those who reviles the Divine Heart? Woe to those that blindly strikes? Jesus weeps and can not forget the loss of their souls? What madness, blindness is that filthy sin? It is full of charms the homeland that Jesus has for His children? Enjoy endless elected an enjoyment of His Divine Heart?»

(Ecstasies; 06/27/1941)

Marian year
september 14
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
October 13 2017
Liturgical Feast of Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar| 62nd anniversary of her death
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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