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Prayer and Penance

Prayer has been a constant in Alexandrina’s life since her childhood, within their family, until her death. We learn from Alexandrina to look towards the Lord for the Union of prayer:

As a child, she knew and prayed with satisfaction several prayers:

«As I grew, the desire for prayer increased. I wanted to learn everything. I still keep the devotions that I learned in my childhood, like: “Remember, oh most gracious Virgin Mary…”, “oh my lady, my mother…”, the offering of day’s work: “I offer You, oh my God…”, the Guardian Angel prayer, St. Joseph prayer and several invocations.

(Autobiography; page.5)




«I’d really like to go to church, and I stand next to my catechist and prayed all what she wanted. I didn’t left a single day without praying at the Blessed Sacrament station; I meditated, whether it was in the church or at home or even as I walk, always in spiritual communion.»

(Autobiography; page.10)




«Losing my physical strength, I started leaving all the worldly distractions; and with the love I had for prayer – because I felt well only by praying – I’ve got used to live in intimate Union with Our Lord. »

(Autobiography; page19)


Jesus asks for penance and prayer:

«I want there to be penance and prayer. You’re the one placating Divine Justice.»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 25/04/1938)




«Remember the prayer, remember he penance. »

(Feelings of the Soul; 29/10/1948)




«Attend to the souls; talk to them about prayer and penance; invite them to fix My Divine Heart so outraged.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 05/11/1948)




«… hails to the cruel world:

“Ungrateful sinners, pray, repent, convert, and come to Jesus. I want pure hearts, intense heat love; […] How I’m offended, my child!”»

(Feelings of the Soul; 19/11/1948)




«If the sinful would do penance and prayer, if they would repent! Ask them, ask them; it’s Jesus talking through your lip, in your heart. »

(Feelings of the Soul; 10/12/1948)




«My child, strong heroine, joy of the sky which is yours, from Heaven that awaits for you soon. Suffer, suffer! Help the world! Request it, hurry, hurry to prayer, penance, to leave sin, to come to Me!»

(Feelings of the Soul; 24/06/1955)




«…tell the Portuguese to do prayer, for a long time, to pray, much penance and great repair. »

(Feelings of the Soul; 05/03/1949)




«Let there prayer and penance. Receive the drop of My Divine Blood. You only live this life. Live it in union with Me and with the Holy Trinity, this inseparable bound that I put in your heart…»

(Feelings of the Soul; 13/05/1955)



In ecstasies, Alexandrina reproduces in for of questions what she hears from Jesus:

«(Jesus) Come quickly oh chosen by Jesus souls? Repent, do prayer? […]

I urge every soul for prayer and penance? Thank You my Jesus.»

(Ecstasies; 23/’8/1940)



«(Jesus) Penance and prayer will quickly descend to Earth all the blessings and Jesus’s peace?»

(Ecstasies; 18/10/1940)



«(Jesus) Arise, pious souls, run to Jesus, innocent hearts, in a prayer worthy of attracting the Sky? I asked for forgiveness and penance for poor humanity?»

(Ecstasies; 30/08/1940)


«(Jesus) Jesus calls, He calls, asks for prayer, penance and conversion? Are there few who hear the voice of Jesus? And hence the world’s evils, the loss of souls? Oh insane for the worldly pleasures, oh blind from all the passions, Divine voice hear how sweet she is!?»

(Ecstasies; 11/0771941)



«(Jesus) Does Jesus requires prayer and penance? Prayer, penance and the new reconstituted world? If the Virgin can’t save it then nothing else will? Come pure souls along to My throne, innocent hearts? Come little children, the charm of Her and the pupils of the eyes of Jesus love? The prayer hails Heaven, penance saves the world?

(Alexandrina) Oh my dear Jesus, pity the poor humanity. Tell me, my Jesus, if the world reconciles with You, will You give it peace?»

(Ecstasies; 15/07/1940)




«Ask for prayer and penance and tell your Dear Father to ask also for continuous penance and unending prayer. »

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 27/08/1940)



Via Alexandrina, Our Lady calls for prayer:

«She showed Her opened Heart and, joined to hers, also opened, was Jesus’s. After caressing me, She said:

“My child, My child, Jesus and I ask for prayer and reparation. These are the crimes that wound Us. Courage, courage on your unparalleled suffering. I’ll come for you soon, taking you with Me to Paradise. Joining your heart with Ours, so you may live Our pain. “»

(Feelings of the Soul; 06/05/1955)


Whenever she had the chance, she recommended prayer:

«She recommended always to the people who visited her:

“Recommend yourselves to Dear Mother. Pray the rosary.”

And she would do what she advised the others, gathering the whole family around her bed, before bedtime, to pray the rosary.»

(Silva, M. Fernando; “Paths of Balasar”; page 322)



«In fact, Alexandrina never spoke to anyone without touching the religious key: God, Soul, Prayer, Sin, Abandonment to Providence, love and Mercy of Jesus, Suffering Resignation, Reparation, Holy Mass, Sacraments, Our Lady, Rosary … And her word was a wonder effectiveness.»

(Pasquale, Humberto; “Alexandrina”; page 315; 1st Edition)



Father Mariano Pinho characterizes her prayer as: “simple, emotional, passionate, strong, confident, humble and persevering.”

(Father Mariano Pinho cit. in Pinho, M.; On the Calvary of Balasar”; page 37)



Through her availability to pray and suffer for others, Alexandrina teaches us to pray to Living God:

«How many spiritual thanks and material didn’t God obtained to those who came visit her! When there was nothing to give, I comforted and prayed for those who were recommended.»

(Humberto, Pasquale; “Alexandrina”; page 324; 1st Edition)



O the day of her death, she announces:

«Farewell, until Heaven! Don’t sin! The world is worth nothing! This says it all. Commune often! Pray the rosary every day! »

(Feelings of the Soul; 13/10/1955)



In the Decree of Alexandrina’s Virtues, it’s stated that “she was dedicated assiduously to prayer”

Let us take this message of Alexandrina’s Prayer, for prayers are the soul’s nourishment.

Marian year
september 14
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
October 13 2017
Liturgical Feast of Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar| 62nd anniversary of her death
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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