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Sacrifice and Reparation

God created us to be happy. But, men and women in their ambition sinned and God Himself, incarnated in Jesus, gave His life for each one of us. We are called to be co-workers of our salvation of our brothers, through the sacrifice that cleanses.

Alexandrina and the sacrifice lived “hand in hand”.



On her path, Alexandrina finds her mission:

«Without knowing how, I offered myself as a victim to Our Lord, and for a long time, I’ve been asking suffering for love. Our Lord gave me so much of this grace that today I wouldn’t trade the pain for all that is in the world. With this love, I’m consoled by offering Jesus all my sufferings. Jesus consolation and the salvation of the souls was what worried me more.»

(Autobiography; page 19)



We learn from Alexandrina to accept the daily sacrifices for our spiritual good and in offer to the reparation:

«Our Lord deigns to accept me into so great sacrifice that I’m making for the sinners conversion; I worry so much for those unfortunates who offend Jesus! I pity so much for their souls! Just by remembering that once their lost, it’s forever! What sadness! I can’t help but suffer all, and offer all the sacrifices for their salvation and to relax my dear Jesus!»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 07/01/1936)




«I want to suffer, I do, because Your Divine Heart demands and deserves it. I accept, my Jesus, I do and I want You to do so to. I accept all Your demands. […]

“It’s Divine Fire, Divine Pain. It’s love that I gave you from My Divine Heart, it’s the pain that sinners cause Me. Suffer, suffer and ask that they suffer, I want pain, much pain. The pain was, is and will be the greater mean of salvation. With pain, blood and life the Heaven was open. With pain, blood and the life of My victim souls are saved. The souls are saved but not the world!”»

(Feelings of the Soul; 09/03/1951)




«I don’t have big thins; I take all the mortification crumbs and sacrifices to offer to Jesus through the hands, lips and Immaculate Heart of Dear Mother, by many and many things and for His glory and wellbeing of souls. »

(Feelings of the Soul; 13/06/1952)





«It’s from these Divine Hearts that come the craving to give, give, consume until I disappear, consumed in these Love affairs. It’s from Them that my desires of suffering and love deeds are born. The smallest things lead me to sacrifice. I’m silenced for love, curious for love, for love, charity use when for many times my bad instincts wanted the opposite.

I can’t go wrong, I have to use Jesus charity. His glory, love and the souls demand it!»

(Feelings of the Soul; 08/06/1951)



Jesus confirms us, via Alexandrina, the value and need of suffering:

«Attend to the souls; speak to them of prayer and penance; invite them to repair My Divine Heart so outraged.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 05/11/1948)




«”Child, My beloved child, I’m going to ask you now a greater repair […] Do you accept so you ay attend the souls and so that I’m not offended?”

“Everything, everything, my Jesus. Always me the wounded and You the beloved. You never deny me, do You Jesus?”

“Never My beautiful dove, I’ll always be with you until the end, which is near; your Heaven comes to you, walked to it, this is your last step. Console Me in My sorrow, repair because of so many crimes committed. Disappeared from among the households, mostly, the real awe of God. There are no good parents, there can be good kids. What horror these beaches, casinos, cinemas and addictions. Nothing does the one person who could put an end to it, nothing does the one who could help them. So help the world, give Me the repair I ask for, joyfully soften the pain of My Divine Heart.”»

(Feelings of the Soul; 20/07/1945)




«Offer Me the pain, give me the pain, dear child, and make Me loved. Give me your pain to repair My Divine Heart. Make me loved so the offenses may be forgotten. It’s so little, so few the number of souls who truly love Me. It’s so big, so many the number of those who severely offend Me. Oh! How My Divine Heart bleeds painfully! […]

Oh, my child, the world sins and is cruel, Woe of it, woe of it, if the Divine Justice ignites on it.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 04/05/1951)




«You suffer this way, My beloved, Eucharistic flower, because you’re a victim. Your utility is for My Divine Blood, all My Passions and Death to be useful to these souls. You save souls, countless souls. Millions, millions throughout the world, whom your suffering opens the gates of Heaven. There so many who don’t want to be saved! So many who waste My gifts, My graces. Suffer, suffer My child. The demands your suffering. Only the victims can save it. […]

Give Me, give Me, My child, your heart. Renew Me with your offering. Give it to Me with all the hearts of men. I’m hungry, thirsty; hunger and thirst, devouring endless. Satisfy Me, satisfy Me, console Me.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 04/07/1952)



Alexandrina experiences Gods absence as a mean of repair for the soul’s salvation:

«Heaven is with me. I feel as if I’m doomed to hell. […] My God, doomed to hell!

I hope in Your infinite goodness. When I feel like I’m in that eternal despair, I feel the weight of the Divine Justice upon me. Wanting to see God and not being able to. It’s more, millions of times more painful than all the torment of hell.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 13/08/1945)




«What would I do if for a moment I lost faith and confidence. Losing God, never see God again. […]

Without being able to comply with the loss of God, I felt such desperation, but I wasn’t the one desperate, that made me rebel against God Himself, to curse Him, as well as my Guardian Angel, parents and companions of sin, and paths that led me to it; cursed myself, all Heaven and Earth. What constant horror! I knew I was worthy of hell, but I couldn’t comply with that housing and the loss of God. […]

… at this moment Jesus came:

“[…] My child, lighten up, I have sinned; it’s big, your reparation is beautiful. Your sufferings are to avoid the damnation of souls.”»

(Feelings of the Soul; 16/08/1945)



In Ecstasies, Alexandrina reproduces in questions what she hears from Jesus:

« (Jesus) But how many hearts have you been asking and not accepted, the crucifixion? Is the crucifixion the world’s “lightning rod”? And how many souls deny such sufferings?

Are all wide open to consolation, delights and joys, but refuse the sufferings?

(Ecstasies; 12/05/1939)



«(Jesus) Jesus loves and asks for repair, Does He forget the offenses and asks to not be offended?»

(Ecstasies; 26/09/1941)



«(Jesus) Jesus calls, He calls; Does He ask for prayer, penance and conversion? Are there few who hear Jesus voice? And hence the worlds evils, the loss of souls? Oh insane by worldly pleasures, oh blind from all the passions, Divine voice do You hear how sweet she is!?»

(Ecstasies; 11/07/1941)



«(Jesus) blessed the soul that follows Jesus? Blessed the souls that love Him? But more blissful who loves Him without condition or reservation? The soul that loves Jesus accepts sufferings, accepts the cross? Rejoices at the Calvary? Consoles himself in pain? Searches in all the glory and consolation of Jesus? Happy soul!? Blissful soul!? Heaven awaits for it!? Did Jesus wish a great number of them!? Are they so few!? Does Jesus needs victims of pain and love? Repair, blissful souls;»

(Ecstasies; 27/09/1940)



«(Jesus) Always onward, Jesus’s crazy. Onward, through thorny paths, onward through the Calvary path? Jesus is offended, does He need repair? Is Jesus heart wounded? Blood flows; is the pain painful? Does Jesus ask for love, hearts that flame for Him? Does Jesus suffer with so much pain? ... Does Jesus ask for love that softens the pain that penetrates His Divine Heart? Come Jesus, beloved children, come to Jesus for He is Father, come to Jesus who longs for us, come to Jesus who asks for your heart and asks of you many hearts? How sweet and lovely is the Divine Heart? Such ingratitude from sinners who dare to offend Him? Injure a Fatherly Heart? Jesus is sad; is the world mourning? Jesus weeps, id the world at war? Does Jesus ask for repair for forgiveness? Does Jesus forgives because He loves? Does Jesus forgive because He wants to give the Heaven? Come to Jesus, ungrateful hearts, come listen His Divine voice? Enough sin, enough offense against your God?»

 (Ecstasies; 10/10/1941)



«(Jesus) How many times in your presence, in the Tabernacles are you so horribly offended? Such horror to offend You on the most sacred place? You love so much the Tabernacles, Jesus? […] Everything comes from the Tabernacle? I ask and ask that they receive you many times? You stayed in the Shrine to become the souls nourishment? There are so few who serve this Divine nourishment as they should? Poor Jesus?

(Alexandrina) You Loved so much, You love so much and are so little loved! I want to repair it and I want to love You for those who don’t. You knew that Your crazy is faithful. I’m Your Eucharistic spouse. I won’t abandon You, day or night.»

(Ecstasies; 09/02/1939)



«(Jesus) Jesus leaves nothing without reward, how can He leave the pain and martyrdom? Who suffers for Jesus, loves Him and Jesus wants to be loved by all? Come, You, the friends of the Lord, com quickly listen to how much His Divine Heart suffers? Is it in a sea of blood, a chasm of pain? The world sins, did evil struck every moment? Jesus calls, does He asks for reparation and love? Jesus wants to be consoled by His friends; Jesus, wants through them many souls? Jesus wants through them to be very eased and repaired?»

(Ecstasies; 18/07/1941)


Alexandrina’s life was a nice blind sacrifice for the sinner’s salvation.

Marian year
september 14
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
October 13 2017
Liturgical Feast of Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar| 62nd anniversary of her death
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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