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Extrordinary Phenomena

Since she consecrated her life entirely to God, Alexandrina began to live the mystical life that the Lord gives to certain souls. See some of the extraordinary phenomena experienced by Alexandrina:

Mystical Deaths

Alexandrina went through two mystical deaths; a spiritual death, not physical. The soul has a more pure and divine life, as a diamond carved.


Her second spiritual Director explains:

"Wounded by the fire of Divine love, these souls are consumed in the desire to release the flight and join Jesus Christ (Filip. 1, 23) but, not able to die in the body, they die in the spirit, suffering the prodigious and mystical death, which already operates on Earth a total renovation and resurrection superior to all human words. This is the extreme limit of the union of conformation in which the souls, who only want what God wants, start their lives as respectable wives of the Word."

(Father Humberto Pasquale cit. in Pasquale, H.; "Alexandrina", page 114, 1st edition)


The first mystical death of Alexandrina was in 1936, on the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity.

When Jesus told her that she was going to die, Alexandrina thought that the time of her death was now:

"I wonder if the day, for so long desired, will come soon; when Our Lord will come to take me to Heaven."

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 26/03/1936)


Writing to her first Director:

"I don't know if my Daddy (Father Mariano Pinho) remember last year, on the day of the Holy Trinity, Our Lord saying to me:

"Do not stay in this celebration; you will not be in all the others, for all eternity." I wonder if on that day I'll be in Heaven, but I don't know the purposes of Our Lord."

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 05/14/1936)


"In 1935, Our Lord warned me that I would die before the celebration of the Holy Trinity of 1936. I didn't know other death, so I thought it was simple, like to leave this world and go to eternity. At that time, it was all cuddles, consolations and spiritual joys. As the day of the Holy Trinity was approaching, my joy and contentment increased. I will be in Heaven by the time of the celebration of my dear Loves, as I called them, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The body was getting more and more sick, and everything was giving this signal that I was leaving soon. Two days before, Our Lord told me I would die between 3pm and half past three in the morning and told me to bring my spiritual Father. I did so. He arrived in the late afternoon and spent the night with me. I prepared myself to die. His Reverence did with me an act of entire resignation and conformity with God's will. I apologized to my family, singing with joy, like this:


Happy, oh, happy

If I could just,

Die singing

The name of Mary!


Happy, whom,

In the long agony,

Repeats, with love,

A thousand times

The name of Mary.


The distress was increasing, right on time, I didn't know what I felt, and no longer hearing what was going on around me. My spiritual Father and my family prayed the Act of Contrition, they light a blessed candle, they put it in my hands, but I haven't realized this happening, so I held it for a while. They thought I was almost dead and they were crying for me. At that time, my dear ones were already crying; I started to breathe, and little by little, I reinvigorated me, but still under the same condition, I thought: "you are crying and I will die after all." I was waiting for being with Our Lord. I wasn’t sad for leaving the world and my loved ones. When I realized I was getting better and the words of Jesus had failed, countless sadness came over me.

My spiritual Director had to leave, without time to tell a few words to comfort me. I was like a dying person during the celebration of the Holy Trinity and, inside me, everything was death. Tears were falling from my eyes; doubts were almost unbearable, because He deceived me about this day, my death, and everything Our Lord had told me before this day. The following two days, it seemed to me that everyone was dead. There was no sun, no moon, no day for me. My life was almost unbearable. Deolinda and Çãozinha approached me, the only two persons who knew about the case, and said:

"Don’t you talk to us? Don’t you laugh?"

I answered them:

"Depart from me! I’m no longer the same! You will never see me laughing; there will be no sun for me!"- And I cried. Under the highest pain and sorrow, I spoke to them in such a cold way that they had nothing more to say me.

While they were talking to each other saying that one of them had to speak with my spiritual Director, Mr. Oliveira Dias came suddenly, on behalf of my spiritual Father, to comfort my soul. His Reverence had told him everything and, he couldn’t come himself since he was preaching, so he tried to soothe me because he understood my suffering.

His Reverence, Mr. Oliveira Dias, clarified me about the case, telling me several episodes with some saints, and since then I learned that it was the mystical death, which I had never heard before. Mr. Oliveira Dias was like an angel who came from Heaven to calm the storm of my soul. I went on with a troubled life because Jesus also seemed to die; during a couple of months I haven’t heard His Divine voice. When the agony of the soul increased, I reminded myself about the cases I had heard and I was encouraged by the words of my spiritual Father. '

(Autobiography, pages 40-42.)



The second mystical death took place on March 27, 1942 and has lasted for a very long time. God wanted to operate a great work of purification on Alexandrina to fulfill her mission.


Alexandrina experiences not only the mystical death, but the consequences: the grave, the cemetery where she will be reduced to dust by worms, etc...


Here is the description of Alexandrina:

"I felt my soul come off the Earth and rise higher, vivifying my body, down here, like an electric current that were the union between the two.”

(Feelings of the Soul; ? / 02/1944)


"I died; I died to the world, I died to everything. The last breath, that little breath of life that was a torment for such a long time; disappearing from all the strength that dragged it along the vast cemetery.”

(Feelings of the Soul; 24/10/1944)


On July 27, 1942, Alexandrina exclaims:

“I have no life on Earth, or anything that pleases me! Only in Heaven, only in Heaven! My life will only be in Heaven; only in Heaven my cravings will be satisfied!"

(Feelings of the Soul; 07/27/1942)


“I don’t know the shape of my soul now. I feel like I’m between Purgatory and Heaven; most of the time I don’t feel pain or pleasure. However, sometimes, alas, Jesus, I see myself on top of the abyss; without anything that supports me, and I’m falling down. Then, You come to save me from this great horror, You help me, You move it away from me!”

(Feelings of the Soul; 20/09/1942)


"My breath is delayed, it seems to take days and days; and thus I’m losing my life. I'm with a light that goes off to never be lit again. My eyes seem to have lost the light of the Earth; I can’t live the human life. But with all this, I trust in You."

(Feelings of Alma; 13/05/1943)


"On the feast of Christ the King, I felt like my body and spirit were dying, and my existence in the world was finally complete. It's indescribable the pain that I felt. But even more: I felt in Purgatory! What a pain, God, what a pain!”

(Feelings of the Soul; 31/10/1943 - transformation of the soul)


"You live in Purgatory, the barrier that separates you. I allow it. Now, you are no longer in the world, you live as if you didn’t live. Your torment is incomparable. I never gave it to any soul. Do you want to comfort Me like that, My daughter? Do you want to keep suffering?"

"Everything, my Jesus, everything You want. My craving is not live without giving You consolation for a moment, my Jesus. Live to comfort You, live to save Your souls, that’s my ambition."

"Courage, My dear. It will be so good for the souls when they know the torment that was given to you! Your spirit has died to the world; your life is the life of the souls in Purgatory, but you're not suffering only for you. Hurry, hurry to make known to the world how much they suffer; Hurry, hurry to free the souls, My beloved souls."

(Feelings of the Soul; 12/04/1943)



"Everything was a mystery, I understood nothing. I spent most of the day without feeling life or death, time or eternity. It seemed to me that I don’t exist, so nothing was waiting for me.”

(Feelings of the Soul; 31/10/1944)



The Popular Catholic Encyclopedia tells us the meaning of extraordinary mystical phenomena:

"Cognitive phenomena are:

Visions, which include *apparitions, imaginative perceptions and communication of ineffable truth;

Locutions or words that transmit truth or desires, perceptible to ear, imagination or intellect, often with the visions;

*Particular revelations (see here) that normally form the basis of the prophetic charisma; and others less important."


Alexandrina talks about one of the Holy Family manifestations:

"While I was talking to Jesus, suddenly, falling from Heaven, Mommy and Saint Joseph were in front of me. Mommy was wearing blue and white; Saint Joseph, with darker colors was holding in his left hand a big white lily; it had not only the bloom but the green and lush foliage; it seemed to lose water from the stalk."

(Feelings of the Soul; 03/19/1948)


    Icon of the Holy Family,

of Father Marko Ivan Rupnik


Love and Fire

“The mystical soul is a creature dignified by grace to the experimental perception of divine realities, known because of faith and loved with perfect charity. The gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the gifts of Understanding and Wisdom, sharpen the mind, the heart and the human spirit, thus, living in body and on Earth, acquires, as it were, a special sensitivity in order to Divine things.”

(Father Humberto cit. In   Pasquale, H., "Alexandrina", page 120; 1st edition)


"Jesus opened His Divine Side, He united Our Hearts and this is why He removed His heart inside of His chest, He passed the little drop of Blood through the tube and, as an arrow of fire, some rays of love got inside my heart. I felt burning.”

"Oh my Jesus, so much burning."

"Let yourself burn, consume you in those flames, they are the strength of the cross, they are the love for martyrdom. Have courage!"

(Feelings of the Soul; 10/1948) 


"From time to time, when I notice this unconcerned way of life, a fire is lighted and rises on me an unbearable desire for love and union with Jesus."

(Feelings of the Soul; 12/10/1948) 


"I was leaning on Jesus' chest. The flames, the fire of His Divine Heart was so big that seemed to set on fire my whole body. Receive, receive the love of your Jesus, the Spouse of virgins, virgins who do not want a different Spouse, only Jesus."

(Feelings of the Soul; 24/12/1948)

Two Souls

In the spiritual work of Alexandrina carried out by the Lord, the feeling of having "two souls" emerges.


Alexandrina explains:

“I feel like I have two souls; one that suffers and another that cannot suffer. The soul that doesn't suffer is not mine, and the soul that suffers, is not my suffering what the soul suffers. The soul that doesn't suffer is very pure, it seems that the soul sees everything and lives everywhere and nothing can be hidden; Earth and Heaven belong to the soul. The soul that suffers, is in darkness, is not pure; is stained. But I don't know how, they are two souls and only one soul. The pure soul is linked to the guilty soul; gives life, sustains and directs this soul. But I cannot keep me attached to this purity united to so much misery, that I am; it's a sun, a shining, that I cannot face, it makes me know more about my flaws and be horrified because of them.”

(Feelings of the Soul; 24/10/1947)


"I hate the world and everything on it; not because everything should bother, but because I want and I should detach me from everything. I feel like someone is inside me dusting, polishing, and cleaning the housing of my heart, of my soul: everything is thrown away, I feel empty; it’s an unfurnished house.

This emptiness needs to be filled and when I feel that an unspeakable life fills it, a life better than this life, the soul sees the filled heart, overflowing and getting out the center the soul sees big flames going into the air.

At this moments I feel like I'm sleeping in this life and like I'm disappearing from the world. I feel again the emptiness and the cravings that devour Jesus love."

(Feelings of the Soul; 07/02/1947)


"I feel that they are working inside me; all the furniture of my house, I mean, of my body, have left. All the filthiness, all the dust is cleaned, but not all at once; you always have to go back and clean again.

My emptiness is so big, only Heaven can fill it; only Jesus with all His love can satisfy it.

The world doesn't fill me, or millions of them, if they existed.

I feel like I want to escape from Earth, bothering it, and hating it; it doesn’t belong to me, I want to disappear from Earth.

I'm like a blow wandering in the air. I want to go to Jesus, to fill this emptiness."

(Feelings of the Soul; 28/03/1947)

Two Natures

Two natures include the existence of a union; they are connected but not mixed. United elements are the human and the Divine nature. Alexandrina feels these two natures, Divine and human, which she couldn't express concretely.


"I feel in me, I cannot tell, I don't know if I express myself well, two natures: one alive, the other one dead. The dead one is this mass of blood, and the cruelty of the world created it. The one that is alive is immortal, can withstand anything, is a higher life; however, the world uses the greatest cruelties, it will never take away its life, it will never make it disappear. But, oh my God, what a fight inside me. This life is opposed to so many cruelties, it doesn't accept this cruel death of the body, and prepares itself to call it to rigorous account. I look at this death, at this body destroyed by leprosy, at this mass of blood and I rebel against myself, I cannot see myself. It was me and only me the cause of so much evil."

(Feelings of the Soul; 21/03/1947)


"You know how to suffer. Everything is useful, trust. You will see in Heaven. Your poor nature groans, but the soul is strong. You have no place to bigger pain and you cannot bear more pain, because I cannot bear more offenses and I have no room for more. Everything has reached the peak. What will happen to the world! ...”

(Feelings of the Soul; 05/27/1955)

Dark Nights

The dark night of faith is to feel that you don't believe in God and you have many doubts about faith. The "dark night of the soul" is a metaphor of a mystical experience that involves paradox, because that experience is illuminative and, on the other hand, obscures the consciousness and causes suffering. Alexandrina lived the night of faith offering that suffering to save the souls who didn't believe in Jesus Christ.


Alexandrina says     

"I have no light in the middle of such disastrous storm. I know that the end of all my suffering is Jesus, only Jesus, but I can't find Him to own Him with the anxiety that my soul feels because of Him.”

(Letters to Father Pasquale; 09/10/1947)



"How can I offer so much in uselessness, in darkness, in death and especially without faith? Oh my God! I can’t say no more than this. I'll say the words of my Jesus. Repeating my belief often seemed to be a cylinder that mixed constantly the mass on Earth and Heaven."

"But how? There is Heaven? There is eternity?! I believe, Jesus, I believe, and I hope my belief is eternal."

I was fighting, fighting, in this inexplicable fight until Jesus came and yelled strongly at me, but in a gentle manner,

"Go forward, strong heroine, incomparable heroine. Go forward in your darkness, because it will give you the light. Go forward in your death, because it will give you life. Go forward in your uselessness, because everything, everything is useful, everything becomes useful to the resurrection of souls. Go forward in your unique love, unmoved by the glory of Heaven, suffering the martyrdom which reached its peak, crazy for My love, crazy for the love of souls. Go forward spouse and favorite victim of the King of Heaven and Earth, of Jesus. Courage, courage!"

(Feelings of the Soul; 01/07/1955)



"Oh, my God, talk about the soul, talk about what so often I seem not to have. How many times that voice yells me. It's the voice and the body, too. Hold on, hold on, but neither one nor the other have something to hold on to. Hold on, hold on to darkness, to ignorance, to uselessness, to death. It's what I've got, it's what I find in me. Screaming, screaming to Heaven, to Heaven that doesn't exist, to eternity that doesn't exist. Oh my God, it's useless all my crying. I'm in agony. I want, if Jesus wants to be here, for His glory and for the salvation of souls, not for the ruin of souls. Oh, my God, my God, I'm so embarrassed! [...]

Only after much effort, after much struggle, I've been released and, so, in the depths of my heart I had nothing else, but Jesus, I believe. He came into the endless abyss of my darkness and told me:

"Go forward, go forward, courage! Get up, go on, hold on to Me, My child; come, come, I'm your Jesus. It’s intense the way you hold on without nothing to hold, I know. But, look, My child, you don't hold on to anything and you fall into the abyss. The souls held on to you and they get out of the abyss of perdition where they are immersed.”

(Feelings of the Soul; 05/13/1955)



Jesus confirms the redemption obtained from Alexandrina's suffering


"Repeat your belief without faith. Tell me that you love Me without feeling love. Believe in Heaven, because it exists and soon it will be yours. Believe in eternity, believing nothing, without the feeling that you believe. Everything is repair for the criminal world in agony, for the world that is yours."

(Feelings of the Soul; 05/20/1955)



"My fight continues without faith and I assert my faith; without love and I assert my love, in my repeated belief, He called me:

"My daughter, courage, courage, my favorite spouse of My Divine Heart. I didn't come now. I'm always in this tabernacle of delights. I'm always with you. Call My name, you who possess me, to bring to Me everyone who lost Me. Call My name, cry out with all your faith by those who have no faith. What a life, My daughter, what a repairer life you have."

(Feelings of the Soul; 05/27/1955)



"My daughter, my daughter, you are the joy of Paradise. Courage! Courage! Stand up. Repeat your belief without faith. Tell Me that you love Me without love. It is not faith and consolation that comfort me, but this constant struggle at the height of pain. It is the last phase, tremendous phase. The height of suffering to face with the height of sin and crime. The world sins, the world sins. Have courage, you who are the light and the beacon of the world. Repair and make My Divine Heart loved. Sustain the arm of justice of My Father which insists to fall on Earth."

(Feelings of the Soul; 10/06/1955)

Spiritual Visions

Blessed Alexandrina had spiritual visions infused by Jesus who predicted that something could or would happen, adding something important in our way. 

After being interrogated by her Spiritual Director, Father Humberto Pasquale, Alexandrina explains her visions:

«I see them in three different ways: sometimes I see an image, a person from Earth.»

Then, referring to the third and highest way that she see, she also mention the intermediate way with typical expressions:

«Sometimes, I see like I had other eyes, and not even the eyes of the soul.»

Speaking and pointing her heart, she added:

«Not with this.»

And touching her forehead, she said:

«Or this.»

(Father Humberto Pasquale cit. in Pasquale, H.; "Alexandrina"; page 29; 1st edition)


«Woe! The way I see it (the world)! This light shows everything, anything can be seen, and I can see it, too.

Oh, so much misery in the souls. Oh, so much mud that hides the bodies and spreads all mankind! Oh my God, oh my God! Oh world, I see you! The more the tower rises, the more the light gives light, the more the world is mud and the more my heart feels sorry for Earth. I cannot withstand this pain! The compassion that holds it to this exile is so big that it seems to spark fire and it prolongs the rays of love from top to bottom. It reminds me Jesus' compassion, His mercy, His infinite love. I would like to say how much Jesus loves us, I would like to show His mercy the way I see it, the way I feel it. Woe is me, I say nothing. And now, what is the path? I'm close to Thursday night.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 15/03/45)


«My chest burns, it burns my heart; what a blazing fire! The building is still inside me, it is in flames, it is strongly burning and burning. I feel again that a world rock was placed on this building. I beat it, I surround it, and I have to make it tremble.

The flames are beneath and around the building. The fire is not extinguished, and the rock from one side to the other, here and there, is opening, is coming apart like a log of wood in small pieces. I feel the little stones of the rock sliding. But, my God, it's so hard! There is so much to do! This fire cannot stop! This rock must be transformed into a heap of stones and a Divine Fire.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 04/17/1945)


«The building burns, the flames reached the height of the rock, which is coming apart gradually. But how can I enter? It's impossible to be all turned into flames, some pieces are not consumed by the fire. I'm on the rock, but it's not me. The whole rock is watered with the tears that fall from my eyes: they are tears of pain and sorrow, they are tears of compassion. And these are not my tears; they come out of my eyes, but they come from above; they roll on my face, but they sprout from the eyes of Jesus! Oh, what a pity! So much pain and so much lost love!»

(Feelings of the Soul; 04/19/1945)

Visions of Thorns

The vision of thorns of Blessed Alexandrina is a "symbolic figuration" (St. Augustine) of all the sins committed by mankind. She suffers with them and for them, she offers herself to sinners to save them.


«On the night of February 27, I had a vision of thorns that caused me great suffering and fear. It was a forest of thorns, only thorns in front of me; it was a dense forest. They rose to such a height, entangled in one another, that it was impossible to see their end. They were all falling over me, very thick and long. I didn't know the meaning of it, I didn't understand it. What I feel since that moment is that I'm all surrounded by them. My bed is made of thorns, my clothes are made of thorns, what I wear are thorns, I am thorns.

Everything is pain, everything is blood; pain that doesn't belong to me, blood that isn't mine. I'm in the middle of that forest that is blood, blood that blooms and gives life to all the thorns. And over them is still falling always the same dewy rain of blood.

These thorns are so renewed! My soul feels that thorns will give rise to new white buds.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 27/02/1945)


«I feel like I'm rolling on Earth; I roll, I travel the world ceaselessly and it's the pain that makes me do it. It rips my heart, my soul and my whole being. I feel like a world of wild animals (sinners) is falling all over me; with trunks, like elephants, they penetrate my body, and suck all my blood. I am so tired, I have nothing more to give them.

With good will I can open their veins so they can drink. But, woe is me, I'm like a dry river and you can only find in it thick and parched sands.

Oh my Jesus, what can I do for You? The world doesn't see, and I have no light to give. So many souls are thirsty, and I cannot satiate them.

Let them my Jesus, let them all enter Your Divine Heart: they will find light, they will be satiated!

From You they can receive all the life they need and the life that I cannot give them!»

(Feelings of the Soul; 26/02/1945)


«At that moment, I saw the great wheat field, vast, so vast; blond, so blond. How beautiful it was! Behind it, Jesus was walking, crowned with thorns, giving way under the weight of the Cross. I met Him right away. He was sobbing.

"Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, I don't want You with the Cross, I don't want to see You crowned with thorns and I don't want to see in Your Divine eyes one single tear.

Jesus looked at me sweetly and said:

"Oh My child, and you are still crucified on the cross, encircled with thorns and crying tears? There are so many thorns, they are from all around the world. The pain is infinite, because it's Mine!"

"I don't care, Jesus, give me my strength."

I saw so many thorns, so many, so heaped and so sharp! But courageously, I said:

"Make them fit on my head and in my heart, as well as they fit in Yours; give them to me and pile them up over me."»

(Feelings of the Soul, 1953)


«He came. It allowed me to see Him with His Sacrosanct Head in one single thorn, in one single sea of blood. His Divine Heart ripped from top to bottom in the same sea of ​​blood, but burning in flames of love.

"I suffer so much, so much, My daughter! Pain and blood, pain and blood! Love, endless love! Oh! How much I love the poor lost humanity. Humanity owes you, Portugal owes you!”»

(Feelings of the Soul; 07/15/1955)


«My heart is talking, not me; it’s the heart that is suffering, it’s the heart that is feeling all the pains and sorrows; it’s surrounded by thorns and all the bleeding wounds.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 11/12/1948)


«I felt the pain of Our Lord in my heart and the painful suffering caused by the thorns being stuck. I really saw the thorns: they were so many, so many! They were like hedges. Our Lord was so sad and He was crying. I told Him:

«Do not cry, Jesus: make my suffering divert these thorns from Your Divine Heart to save it from injuries. Make also this same suffering of this miserable daughter awake and resuscitate sinners.»

(Letters to Father Mariano Pinho; 30/06/1939)

Marian year
september 14
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
October 13 2017
Liturgical Feast of Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar| 62nd anniversary of her death
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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