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Alexandrina’s main ecstasies are the ecstasies of the Passion (Stations of the Cross) lived during four years (from 3rd October 1938 to 20th March 1942) every Friday until her death. From March 1942, Alexandrina stops having her Mystic Passion and starts living in Ecstasy, always on every Friday and the first Saturdays of each month. Some of hers ecstasies are sung.

It is important what Father Humberto says about ecstasies. Therefore we transcribed the following:

«Beyond the ecstasies, which we call public because they had the tone of messages, Alexandrina had sometimes others, many of which were recorded by relatives. During these particular ecstasies, however, Alexandrina did not speak, except when to communicate important things to those who were present: but this happened very rarely. The length of the public ecstasy revolved around half an hour. In the state of rapture, she spoke so that all could write. Sometimes she sang, with inspirational music with a beautiful voice.

With proper precautions, as suggested, but also necessary for a study, she wanted and she could verified that the ecstatic mental obeyed the orders given by the Director.

As the dew renews the life of plant burned by the sun, Alexandrina returned to you after those talks with the Beloved, fortified and transformed in the body into the soul.

Used to tell us: «At the end of ecstasies, I feel satisfied but, only for a short period of time. It seems to me that as Jesus told me and made me see has not happened to me ... I see the pain, nothing else more … I feel like I have no consolation.» (09/09/1944)

Re-entering, however, in possession of his senses, it was like the awakening of a boy in a placid and deep dream, faithfully remembered everything that had happened, dictating or correcting what had been written by those who witnessed the ecstasy.


The director wrote in a report in 1946: «During her ecstasy she seemed like as if she was sleeping placidly… except one time in which I saw her slowly open her hands, to give life to the words she was saying to Jesus … another time, I noticed an accelerated palpitation corresponding to a reception love that… Jesus would infuse in her.

Sometimes she opened her eyes and fixed her pupils on a being invisible to us; but her gaze turned her face and filled the atmosphere of a heartwarming religion. »[...]

The ecstasies subject was always of repair: a Jesus that suffers, that calls sinners, the Jesus who needs victims, Our Lady invites us to immolation, who wants to save the world...

Ecstasies, mystical phenomena, came to cause some doubt and fear in Alexandrina’s righteousness faith. Since they were registered, Alexandrina had to correct them:

«I feel horror for the ecstasies, doubting if they are an illusion ... I feel an unspeakable repugnance to talk about my private things. I wish that after the ecstasies, all died on me. What a humiliation! Correction of ecstasy, which is sought of me, only God knows how much it painful to me!»

 (Father Umberto Pasquale; quoted in "Alexandrian."; page 229. 09/09/1944)


I feared the ecstasies and even feared the day that they were brought to me until a point that I exclaim, almost moaning:

«Sad Thursday that gives me Friday! My soul is tired of so much suffering, so much pain that waits. I fear the hours that will come, I fear death. Heaven is disgusted with such ingratitude on Earth. I fear everything, but all I want to spend; I want to die to give life.»

(Feelings of the Soul; 04/01/1945)

«Barely was I awake; soon came the memories of that first Saturday. To me those days are a big confusion. My Jesus, if I could run away to a place where there is no Saturday!»

(Feelings of the Soul; 06/01/1945)


«I still feel in my soul and even stronger a great betrayal, black, cruel betrayal. Shall be, my Jesus, military snares for me or will the treachery that was prepared for yourself and for the sake of your children you suffered it all? Oh my God, have mercy in me, I cannot breathe with my pain. Is it because today is Thursday?

Is it the betrayal that brings death? I fell the martin that awaits me, I feel that the cry of those who pity my pain is muffled by the opposing crowd and rebellious against me. Behold the handmaid of the Lord; Yes, Jesus, I am your slave. If I could skip today for tomorrow in hell not to escape the pain, but for the conversations I have with you. Forgive me, for who you are, Jesus.

Forgive me for the pain of the dear Mother. I'm so afraid of this life; life that I fell is not mine.»

(Feelings of the Soul, 11/01/1945)


The ecstasies had admirable beautiful conversations and should be read in light of the crazy love that God has for souls:

«The issue is always the same: God asks souls and repair, and the victim repairing and offers prayers and always new and ingenious immolations, for the salvation of souls. It could not be otherwise. But even here the value of the ecstasies of Alexandrina: around this single issue, how many ideas and inventions that wealth of pictures, what a beautiful language! There were so many years in two equal ecstasies.»

(Pasquale, quoted in Father Umberto;. "Alexandrina", page 232)

Marian year
september 14
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
October 13 2017
Liturgical Feast of Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar| 62nd anniversary of her death
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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