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Prayer and Repair


In the second apparition of the Angel to the children, in the summer of 1916, the Angel invites the children to pray a lot. Tells Lucia:

« It has been a long time and on a summer day in which, we were going to spend our nap time at home, we were playing on top of a well that my parents had on the back yard which we called Arneiro. 

(In the writing about Jacinta I have already told you about this Excellency well). Suddenly, we see near us the same figure or an Angel, like it seemed to me and it said:

“What are you doing? Pray, pray a lot. The Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary have over you designs of mercy. Offer constantly to the Almighty your sacrificed hearts.”»

 (Memories of sister Lucia I; page 78)


The shepherds, especially little Jacinta, felt the urgency to pray and offer sacrifices for the sinners. Lucia describes her:

« What most impressed Jacinta was eternity. Even playing, from time to time, she would ask:

“But look. So, after many, many years hell does not end?”

Other times:

“And those people that are there burning don’t die? And they don’t make ashes? And if we pray a lot for the sinners, Our Lord will free us from there? And with sacrifices too? Poor them! Let us pray and make lots of sacrifices for them! “

(Memories of sister Lucia I; page 46)


On the theological commentary made by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger at that time Mayor of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, about the Message of Fatima, it is highlighted this prayer:

« What remains – we said it right from the beginning of our reflexions about the text of the “secret” – it’s the exhortation to the prayer a path to the « salvations of the souls » and in the same sense the appeal to the penance and to the conversion. » 


Jesus to Alexandrina:

«If sinners would do penance and prayer, if they would mend themselves! Ask them, ask them, is Jesus talking through your lips, in your heart.»

 (Feelings of the Soul; 10/12/1948)


Jesus to Alexandrina:

«Penance, penance, felt prayer, prayer with love, with love.»

 (Feelings of the Soul; 16/07/1954)


Jesus to Alexandrina:

«I speak for you, I ask for you. I am a Divine Beggar asking for prayer and penance, asking for love. Have courage. Have courage. Speak to the souls.»

 (Feelings of the Soul; 30/07/1954)


Jesus to Alexandrina:

«Have courage, My Daughter, have courage. Ask for repair, ask for love, and ask for penance with a pure and ablaze heart.»

 (Feelings of the Soul; 09/02/1951)


Jesus to Alexandrina:

«My daughter, strong heroine, heaven’s joy, from Heaven which is yours, from Heaven that awaits for you soon. Suffer, suffer! Save the world! Invite it, quickly, quickly to the heart, to the penance, to leave the sin and come to Me!»

 (Feelings of the Soul; 24/06/1955)


Jesus to Alexandrina:

«… tell to the Portuguese to pray for a very long time, to pray a lot, a lot of penance and great repair.»

 (Feelings of the Soul; 05/03/1949)


In the ecstasies, Alexandrina reproduces in interrogations what she hears from Jesus:

«(Jesus) Chosen souls by Jesus, come quick? Do penance, do pray? (…)

I ask all the souls for prayer and penance? Thank you my Jesus.»

 (Ecstasies; 23/08/1940)


«(Jesus) Penance and prayer will soon make come down to Earth all Jesus’ blessings and peace? »

 (Ecstasies; 18/10/1940)

Marian year
september 14
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
October 13 2017
Liturgical Feast of Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar| 62nd anniversary of her death
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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