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Services to the pilgrims
Year of Faith
Statistics - Pilgrims

Year of 2013

Annual Statistics 2013 – Visitors


Provenance of visitors

In 2013, Balasar was visited by 391 organized groups (more 75 than in 2012).

From Portugal came 366 groups, which represent 94% of all organized Pilgrimages.  From foreign countries came 25 groups which correspond to 6% of all tours (Philippines, Italy, Brazil, Spain, South Korea, Croatia, Ireland, Island of Reunion, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Latin America).

Groups nationalite

Provenance of Groups

17 from the 20 portuguese dioceses visited Balasar. Most of groups came from the diocese of Oporto (128 groups – 35%), Braga (98 groups – 27%) and Aveiro (38 groups – 10%). It was similar to 2012.

Portuguese dioceses


In the graphic below, you can see the analysis of variance of the number of pilgrimages from the top 5 portuguese Dioceses that visited Balasar in each month of the year .


Time of the year

The great majority of the organized groups visit Balasar during the Summer, especially in September (79 groups - 20%), May (60 groups – 15%) and August (51 groups – 13%). Usually Balasar is visited at the weekend, particularly on Sunday  - 207 groups - 60% . On Saturday 60 groups (15%) came here.

Organized groups that visited Balasar/month

200 pilgrims was the biggest group of all  (Milheirós, Poiares, Santa Maria da Feira - Portugal).

In the graphic below you can see the analysis of variance of the number of organized pilgrimages who came to Balasar on Saturdays and Sundays each month of the year.


Pilgrimages organizers

Most of pilgrimages organizers are individuals (72%). There was an increase in the number of women and religious associations organizing pilgrimages, when comparing with the previous years.



Means of transport

The majority of pilgrims came by bus or on foot, However, lots of pilgrims came by their own car.



The main reasons why pilgrims came are Faith, Prayer, Tour and to pay a Promise.


Source of knowledge

The main sources of knowledge were the word from the parish priest and travel agencies.


Notice: This information came from the Pilgrims Support Team, which wrote down most of the organized groups that visited Balasar in 2013.  A big crowd of pilgrims visited Balasar in family, individually or in small groups, but they weren’t considered to this statistic work.




Eucharistic celebrations or visitors to Blessed Alexandrina’s tomb – 300.000 people

The Sanctuary administration estimates that 300.000 people were present at the Eucharistic celebrations or visited Blessed Alexandrina’s Tomb to pay promises.



More than 95 000 Holy communions were given at Eucharists.


Sacrament of reconciliation

We don’t have detailed information about how many people came to Balasar to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. But there were many pilgrims who sought the church of Balasar, especially on Sundays. Blessed Alexandrina’s message is also a huge call to conversion and not sin again. Not to offend Jesus but love Him instead. Love Him ! Love Him!


Parish of Balasar

Notice that in this statistic information Balasar parishioners were included. The parish of Balasar has 2425 inhabitants. 

Marian year
May 13-15 2014
Celebration of Parish Day and Family Day
73nd anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
november 23 2014
A day with Blessed Alexandrina
March 08 and 15 2014
Pilgrimage og children and adolescents to Balasar
june 28 and 29 2014
Spiritual Retreat
April 18 2015
Pilgrimage of young to Balasar
May 9 2015
Pilgrimage of children to Balasar
May 16 2015
Pilgrimage of adolescents to Balasar
september 13 2015
December 8 2015
Beginning of the Jubilee | Immaculate Conception
June 3 2016
Sacred Heart of Jesus
December 25 2014
Celebration of the birth of Jesus
11 february 2017
World Day of the Sick
june 18 2016
Pilgrimage of Fragile
December 25 2015
Celebrate the birth of Jesus
March 28/29 2014
Pilgrimage of young to Balasar
June 6 to 12 2016
Triduum Sacred Heart of Jesus
December 27 2015
Feast of the Holy Family
June 21 2017
Apparition of the Holy Cross
March 30 2014
110.º anniversary of Blessed Alexandrina
March 30 2017
113.º anniversary of Blessed Alexandrina
April 25 2014
Celebration of the 10.º anniversary of the beatification of Alexandrina
july 8 and 9
Lord of the Cross Feast
January 1 2016
Feast of New Year and Blessing of Children
April 25 2017
Celebration of the 13.º anniversary of the beatification of Alexandrina
June 19 2016
Celebration of the Sick s Day | Jubilee Year of Mercy
september 14
Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Dezember 1 2013
Celebrate the Advent
October 31 2017
75th anniversary of the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
May 26 2013
Afternoon of Praise with the Community New Song | "Eucharist: Redemptive Suffering"
May 30 2013
Holy Mass, Eucharist Adoration, Preaching | 21h00 - 24h00 | Fr. Dário Pedroso
Dezember 29 3013
Celebrate Family Day
June 6 2013
Holy Mass, Eucharist Adoration, Preaching | 21h00 - 24h00 | Fr. Dário Pedroso
June 8/9 2013
Perpetual Adoration

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Reception Center (Church):

09 a.m. - 12:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

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Winter hour

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Summer hour

Week - 09 a.m. - 12 a.m. and 2 p.m. - 7p.m.

Sunday and Holy days - 8 a.m to 7 p.m.